amasol Solution Portfolio

With its solution portfolio amasol addresses today’s major IT management issues.

The portfolio includes standardized management procedures that support IT service providers for both internal and external customers in a way that they are able to reach a high level of standardization which enables them to fully concentrate on their business services.


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Technology Business Management

Today in most organizations communication and business alignment play a key role for achieving business objectives and maximizing the business process visibility. Technology Business Management solutions assist in the alignment of IT and business.

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IT Infrastructure Management

Seamless communication has become a key factor for successful business. Using innovative IT Infrastructure Management solutions the IT control center is able to proactively detect errors and their causes and to assign them to the corresponding expert.

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Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management means the seamless integration of different techniques, e.g. the combination of active and passive APM monitoring solutions.

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IT Operations Analytics

IT Operations Analytics still is a young IT discipline that enables an IT organization to “see in the dark“. Thus, it is able to implement IT performance management procedures in a way that errors proactively will be managed.

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