Enterprise description

Moogsoft develops AIOps technology that helps enterprise DevOps and ITOps teams become faster, smarter and more effective. Moogsoft AIOps’ real-time machine learning algorithms reduce operational noise and allow operators to proactively detect and remediate issues that impact their customers’ experience. By the use of AI to automate daily IT operations ITOps teams can concentrate on what they are best in: being innovative.

Product information

Moogsoft AIOps is a leading AI platform for ITOps. The benefits of the AIOps platform are

  • reduction of alert volume and elimination of operational noise
  • proactive problem detection: Machine learning algorithms correlate events and cluster alarms across your application landscape.
  • better collaboration across teams: ITOps teams can optimise their collaboration by automating workflows between teams and tools.
  • knowledge base: Collect information on single situations to continuously improve.

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